About Us

Sunflowers from Mi Abuela

Encouraged by the wisdom of all Abuelitas, Sunflowers from Mi Abuela is a family and lifestyle blog that aims at celebrating and enjoying life’s moments with the help and insight passed down from the women that came before us.  Dedicated to the memory of my own Abuelita, the name of this blog comes from her love of “girasoles” and her amazing ability to inspire her entire family throughout her life and now from heaven.

My mission for this blog is to combine the knowledge that has been passed down along with evidence based research for a healthier pregnancy and for healthy happy parenting.   I hope that Sunflowers from Mi Abuela will help guide readers in making healthier decisions for their families without having to turn away from traditions.

About Jenny from the Blog

My name is Jenny and I am a first time mommy to Fiona. I am currently based out of North Carolina and my family is originally from Colombia, South America.   I wanted to create a little corner on the internet where I could not only write about my personal experiences, the good and the bad, but also contribute the wisdom that has been given to me from my mother and her mother.  I have always had a love of writing and the moment I saw the little blue line on the stick, I knew that this blog was something I needed to do.

I am extremely happy, excited and scared on embarking on this new journey of motherhood, but I am also blessed to have an amazing husband and an amazing family! They say it takes a village, and I have a huge and loving village!

Although the majority of the posts will be written by me, this is a family blog with contributions from my family.  My husband has a degree in computer systems technology and an MBA, so all of the techie and financial posts he will be helping with.  Most of the pictures found all over the blog and social media are taken by my sister and any styling/make-up will be done by her and/or my cousin.

Thank you for stopping by and welcome to our little piece of the internet!